Spirited Arts
This is an exciting RE project that you can do at home. You can enter an RE and art competition. There are £25 prizes for the winners, and your work might appear on the NATRE web gallery.
Create your piece of RE artwork or poetry about one of these themes.
1. God’s good earth!
The beauty of the earth is celebrated in many religions, but the human spoiling of the earth is a danger. Can you make a work of art that shows what you think about our beautiful world? Does it belong to God? To us? To all the animals? Should we pray for the world? 
2. Holy Words!
What words are holy for you? Select sayings or stories you love about peace, faith, love, prayer or another spiritual idea. Will you use some quotes from holy books you love or have learned about in RE? What about some non-religious wise words? Show your holy words in your artwork. What is so great about the ‘holy words’ you have chosen? 
3. Where is God?
Is God in your heart? In prayer? In the temple or the universe? Or is God hiding? Is God not there at all? Looking for God is something almost everyone does sometimes but how are we doing in finding God? Would you search with google or a ‘goddetector’? Can God be found by prayer? Use some ideas from different religions and beliefs and your own mind to make a work of art on this theme.
For more information and examples of previous poems or pieces of art, use the links below. 
KS1 is for 5-7 year olds and KS2 for 8-11 year olds.
You could ask your grown ups to  send your work to me at or also ask them send photograps to our school Twitter page @ChristchurchP. Please be aware that by sending photographs, you are giving permission for them to be displayed on our school platforms.
Thank you, 
Mrs Power
Continue to develop you Religious Education with these free resources from NATRE. Click on the link and choose KS1 if between 5-7 or KS 2 if between 8-11. There are a range of free multi-faith lessons, video clips and activities to aid your learning at home. Lessons range from exploring the parable of the Good Samaritan and how Jesus' words can be used today to lessons on Prophet Muhammed and his teachings. Exploring what is meant when reading The Prophet Muhammed and the Ants story and the story of The Crying Camel and how Muslims can follow those teachings in the wold today.
BBC Bitesize offer a range of lessons, activities and video clips of events celebrated in all major world religions and non-religious beliefs. Simply follow the link below and clock on a religion and event to learn more.
Early Years and KS1 children can explore major world and British festivals on the Let's Celebrate Festivals website. Videos of children celebrating with their families, quizzes and activities to complete at home can be accessed by following the link below.