Useful Websites

If you would like some guidance regarding the stages within the English eduactional system, click here.

Recommended websites and links to support the whole family!

If you want to explore some more links related to maths or English please go to the 'Curriculum' tab.


  • In KS1 and KS2 your child has access to our very own city learning resource called 'Newcastle Space.' Ask your child's class teacher to provide a login and password for your child and you will all be able to benefit from the rich range of learning resources this virtual learning environment has to offer. If you require support to navigate this site and find the resources that will support your child, please sign up for one of our parent support  newcastle space sessions.


  • - A very supportive website to develop knowledge and understanding of key learning related to Maths and English.


  • This site provides excellent video clips related to all subjects and areas of learning. Search for a topic such as 'negative numbers', and watch the clip with your child and discuss the key points.



  • Fun activities for primary school children in England, Northern Ireland and Wales (KS1 and 2) and Scotland (1st and 2nd Level) covering English and Literacy, Maths and Science.


  • This website offers support for both adults and children and goes into depth about explaining our mathematical learning journey through life.