At Christ Church we seek to develop positive attitudes and self discipline amongst our pupils.  Our behaviour policy places heavy emphasis on rewarding good behaviour and modifying inappropriate behaviour.  We expect parents to support the school and work in partnership with us to ensure that behaviour within our school is of a high standard.  School rules are kept to a minimum and are displayed around school so that children have a complete knowledge and understanding of what is expected of them.  Our rules at Christ Church are as follows:


• Respect our school, its people and property.
• Treat others as you wish to be treated.
Reach for the stars.

As already mentioned our aim is to modify any inappropriate behaviour but the school will take action in the case of serious or persistent misbehaviour.  In such cases the parents will be requested to make an appointment with the head teacher to discuss the behaviour of their child and the action to be taken.  The school reserves the right to exclude pupils who are guilty of the most serious breaches of school discipline although this will be used as a last resort.



We want the children to feel safe and enjoy school. We encourage the children with adult help to solve problems. At playtimes and lunchtimes we have a whoops squad to support children and identify any problems. The squad also looks after reception children when they first transfer to the bigger yard.

In cases of bullying, parents will be requested to come to school to discuss individual incidents. Bullies will be closely monitored and provided with support to enable them to change their behaviour. Persistent bullying may lead to exclusion.