At Christ Church we encourage all children to wear a school uniform. We last consulted on our uniform policy in 2022. The present uniform has taken on the views of pupils, parents and staff.
We feel that our uniform is affordable and does not place unnecessary expense on parents. However, we appreciate that we all have different levels of income and demands on it.
We are able to sell the school sweatshirts with the school's logo at almost cost price. Pupils that meet certain criteria are given a free sweatshirt. Please speak to the admin officer.
We are supported in providing uniform to our pupils from several local churches who have funded school uniform. Please speak to the admin officer if you would like to access these items. 
We also have a lot of barely used second hand items which parents can take for free from school. 
In order to reduce waste, we encourage parents to bring to school out grown items of uniform still in good condition for others to wear.