Circus Central @ Christ Church.

We are so fortunate that our children are able to access the truly wonderful work and expertise of the Circus Central Team and the pioneering work of the North East Circus Development Trust (NECDT)

Recently, we have been celebrating the success of three pupils who have received certificates for achieving the first stage of unicycle competencies. Only at Christ Church!

If you would like your child to attend one of the clubs available to Christ Church pupils or would perhaps enjoy a visit yourself please follow this link or find further information in the Parent info section of the website.

The Circus Family La Bonche, aka Five Ring Circus, aka Circus Central have been shortlisted for a 'Truth About Youth' award.

The photo is a picture of the 'Family' outside the Great North Museum where they recently gave a brilliant performance to a packed hall. It was great to see among these talented young people quite a number of past and present Christ Church pupils.

Mike Summersby (OBE)















Maybe one day, our unicycler's may be so good that they could even cycle down a mountain just like these two athletes.


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