Aims of Collective Worship

Collective worship at Christ Church will:


  • Explore the school’s vision of Reaching for the Stars and living life in all its fullness and how that underpins shared values of respect, friendship, love, forgiveness, perseverance and trust. It will reflect on moral values such as compassion, gratitude, justice, humility and develop virtues such as resilience, determination and creativity that develop character and contribute to academic progress.


  • Help pupils and adults to appreciate the relevance of faith in today’s world by encountering the teachings of Jesus and the Bible and developing understanding of the Christian belief in the trinitarian nature of God.


  • Offer the opportunity, without compulsion, to all pupils and adults to grow spiritually through experiences of prayer, stillness, worship and reflection.


  • Enable all pupils and adults to appreciate that Christians worship in different ways, for example using music, silence, story, prayer, reflection, as well as through the varied liturgical and other traditions of Anglican worship, festivals and, where appropriate, the Eucharist.


  • Enable pupils to develop skills through engaging in the planning, leading and evaluation of collective worship in ways that lead to improving practice.