Pencil, paper and ruler skills- Geometry

It is essential that your child develops their confidence using a pencil and ruler. These fine motor and spatial awareness skills are used daily in mathematics lessons and across the curriculum. 

Regular practice using a pencil and ruler will indoubtedly lead on to improvements in our daily mathematics lessons and overall speed and presentation of work.

If you are thinking about how to support your child at home, then providing them with the necessary equipment is the best starting point. A pencil and ruler are not expensive investments and giving your child encouragement to draw shapes, create tables and graphs would certainly be worthwhile.

If your child needs specialist paper such as isometric paper (used for drawing 3D shapes) then click here for a useful website.

Alternatively, if you do not have printing facilities at home, we would be more than willing to print you a photocopy at school; just ask your child's teacher before Fridays home learning is given out. 

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