Our Vision

Vision, Values and Mission Statement


Reach for the Stars




Reach for the Stars – Living Life in all its fullness

Thriving on diversity and underpinned by Christian values, Christ Church is an inclusive school where everyone is welcome and valued. Our vision is to shepherd each other in a safe, loving environment, whilst building a solid foundation to encourage and inspire us to reach for our own star.




As a church school our foundations for living and learning are the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. The message of God’s love for all and the Christian values of respect, friendship, love, forgiveness, trust, and perseverance are at the heart of all school life.




*Our mission is to develop independent learners with active and creative minds whilst providing opportunities to reflect and ask some of the “big questions “of life.


* We put the wellbeing and spiritual development of our children first, enabling them all to flourish and be the best they can be.


* We help children to become confident and successful learners by discovering their gifts and talents. We appreciate hard work, encourage perseverance and resilience and celebrate achievement.


* We seek to engender the joy and wonder of learning by providing a creative and challenging curriculum using the local community and beyond which makes learning vivid, real, enjoyable and fun.


* We promote moral development, aspiration and hope. We provide opportunities for our children to engage in social action and be courageous advocates for change in our local, national and global communities.


* We develop social growth and an understanding and compassion for others. Through the practice of forgiveness and reconciliation we encourage good mental health to enable all to live well together.


* We create a school environment that embraces difference where all children are equal. We cherish ourselves and each other and form healthy relationships offering respect, kindness and dignity.


* We work as a team, listening to children, considering their views and their parents and involving them in decisions that affect them. We encourage partnerships with governors, parents, our local parish community and the diocese. We promote partnerships locally, nationally and globally in order to become active citizens, global champions and responsible stewards of our world.