Reading and your child

At Christ Church primary, you will find reading at the very heart of our curriculum. The school continues to invest resources and develop best practice across the school, in order to develop outstanding teaching and learning.

Providing our pupils with a full range of carefully chosen, recommended and classic texts allows reading to become a rich and engaging experience at Christ Church. Supporting our parents and empowering everyone to try new ideas and resources is part of the learning and development process.

The National Literacy Trust (a charity) have been at the forefront of supporting schools and families for some time. Over the last year, a growing number of teachers at Christ Church have undertaken training related to developing reading and writing through talk. The innovative methods have already begun to be piloted in the classroom. The National Literacy Trust have also developed a website called 'Words for life,' that aims to provide support for parents of pupils from nursery to KS2.

Please take a moment to look at some of the resources and ideas that may support how you share the experience of reading with your child at home.

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