School Clothing

We want to develop a strong sense of belonging to Christ Church C E Primary School. This is more easily achieved when the children can identify with the school colour and logo. We encourage all pupils to wear our school uniform.


Girls Uniform

Navy blue/Dark grey skirt/ trousers/White polo shirt/school sweatshirt

Boys Uniform

Navy blue/Dark grey trousers / White polo shirt


PE Kit

T Shirt/ Shorts or jogging pants/ Sandshoes or trainers

For PE lessons children should have a complete change of clothing and appropriate footwear.

 Sweatshirts (with the school logo), polo shirts and a PE kit can be ordered from the school and other items are readily available from any major retailers.



The school discourages the wearing of jewellery in school.  Not only is it easily lost, but items such as ear-rings are potentially dangerous.

No jewellery is to be worn during PE lessons for obvious safety reasons.


Lost Property

To avoid confusion we suggest that children have their names either written or stitched into all items of school clothing.

The school cannot be responsible for the loss of any clothing or personal belongings.

Toys should be left at home.